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Complete your decor with custom-made draperies from a wide selection of fabric and hardware.

Complete your decor with custom-made draperies from a wide selection of fabric and hardware.

Custom Drapery in Winnipeg, MB

Your window treatments play a big role in defining your interior. So if you’re looking to enhance your indoor space, be it your bedroom, kitchen, or family room, consider custom drapes for your windows. At Blinds are Beautiful, we offer quality drapes that can dramatically improve the look of your home or business.

Quality Products

At Blinds are Beautiful, we only offer custom drapes that are high in quality and built to last. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. No matter your taste or your budget, we’ll help you find the perfect custom drapes and install them in a meticulous fashion. Every member of our team is committed to providing excellent service while offering consistently great value.

Drapery Pleat Styles

We make our Custom Draperies in Winnipeg. Below are our “Standard Drapery Pleats” that are available. If you would like a pleat that is not listed here contact us to set up an appointment.

1. Pinch Pleat: Top Pinch

This casual, traditional drapery style has an almost couture-like detailing, with the pinch pleat at the very top of the curtain. They are strung from small metal rings that are sewn at the top of each pleat and hung on a narrow rod.

2. Classic Pinch Pleat: Triple Fold

In the triple fold, each pinch pleat is composed of three evenly spaced folds. The more folds in a pleat, the more fullness the drapery has.

3. Classic Pinch Pleat: Double Fold

Typically, each pinch pleat consists of three evenly spaced folds, but classic pinch pleat: double fold has only two folds per pinch pleat for a clean and even aesthetic.

4. Inverted Pinch Pleat

Also called a reverse pinch pleat, this detail has a subtle European influence. The pleat pinches on the reverse side of the drape so that the material turns inward for a full and formal look.

5. Pinch Pleat on Self-Gathering Tape: Triple Fold

A classic triple fold pinch pleat with the addition of self-gathering tape, which is a mesh ribbon with two strings that is sewn onto the back of the drapes, creates even more fullness. This version offers the fullest drapes of all.

6. Box Pleat

Large, flat folds that have a tailored look and provide non-frilly fullness.

7. Loft Style: Grommet Drape

Casual and contemporary with a slight industrial edge, grommet drapes have the grommet attached directly onto the panel, and offer distinct, full-length folds.

8. Loft-Style: Flat Panel

Flat panels are a simple and affordable style. Rings, spaced about 5 inches apart, are sewn along one edge of a piece of fabric without any pleats.

9. Gathered Rod Pocket

This style of curtain has a gathered sleeve that slips directly onto the rod. The sleeve’s fabric bunches to create a heavier, more solid look.

10. Goblet Pleat

Tiny pleats are caught with a stitch about four inches down from the top of the drape, creating a cup-shaped fabric poof.

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Fabric Collections

We carry fabric from the following companies. Click to view their website.


Whether shopping for drapery rods, tiebacks, finials or brackets, Blinds are Beautiful will help you choose a material best suited to the style of the room in which the window covering will be applied.
Equus Fabrics
J Ennis Fabrics
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It’s the small details like drapery trim that put the finishing touch on your design. We’ll ask lots of questions and then suggest options for you to choose from.
Equus Fabrics
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